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Faber Vetreria Industry glasses

In the Industry

Faber Vetreria Srl manufactures glass for the household appliance industry, which comply with the relevant standards in force. The manifold and different configuration of our machineries enables us to manufacture customized products according to the clients’ specific needs.

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Faber Vetreria nell'arte, realizzazione vetri personalizzati

In the Art

Faber Vetreria is able to produce artistic glass with customized graphics, starting from a “draft” or an idea. We will ‘create’ your glass starting from a preliminary project that will then be developed and transformed into a finished product .

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Faber vetreria Srl - glass for home

In the Home

Faber Vetreria has been in our homes for over 40 years. Glass components that decorate your home, giving it a unique and inimitable style. Faber Vetreria glass is not only beautiful, but functional as well, because it makes our everyday life easier.

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