In the Industry

Faber vetreria Srl - real industrial appliances

Faber Vetreria Srl produces glasses for household appliances, which comply with the relevant industry standards.

Faber Vetreria leader nel settore vetri per elettrodomesticiA leading company in the glass industry

Most household appliance manufacturers, have selected us as their exclusive glass supplier for their electronic components, kitchen hoods, electrical ovens , hobs, and for any other way the extraordinary properties of glass can be applied.

Faber Vetreria is synonymous with quality, reliability and openness. Thanks to which, we have strengthened our know-how over the years, becoming a leader in the field of industrial glass for household appliances.  Thus, obtaining the prestigious “100% Made in Italy” certification.

Faber Vetreria certified company Made in Italy
Faber Vetreria Srl
is a 100% Made in Italy
certified company 

Faber Vetreria Artisan Soul since 1970An Artisan Soul

Faber Vetreria was founded in 1971 as an artisan business by a hopeful young man named Mr. Mario Ferranti, as a result of his great passion for his craft.  In the beginning it wasn’t easy to cope with the competitors, but throughout the years Faber Vetreria has always been able to look to the future. For this reason, it started to manufacture the first glass for household appliances and expand its presence even in foreign markets, thus becoming the large company it is today.

Even though, over 40 years have passed by, the main goal of the company has remained the same:  maintaining the very high quality standards that  our clients require, thanks to a well-structured industrial organization , as well as  talent and aptitude towards ‘CRAFTSMANSHIP’ .  A quality that few companies in the industry can boast about.

Faber Vetreria leader nel settore vetri per elettrodomesticiOn- going Development

While keeping a family structure, where trade- secrets and techniques are shared and handed down from generation to generation, Faber Vetreria has still been able to renew itself over time.  It does so by keeping up with new technologies and glass working methods, investing in machineries and qualifying its staff.

We are very proud to have young apprentices in our structure, working ‘shoulder to shoulder’ with very skilled and expert specialized workers, who teach them  the techniques and secrets of this  age old craft.

Faber Vetreria has always believed that staff training and the experience gained over the years represent the cornerstone of a strong company, founded on good principles. Qualities, which play a crucial role in the achievement of those very high quality goals, that have characterized us since the very beginning.


In the Industry

Faber Vetreria Srl manufactures glass for the household appliance industry, which comply with the relevant standards in force. The manifold and different configuration of our machineries enables us to manufacture customized products according to the clients’ specific needs.


In the Art

Faber Vetreria is able to produce artistic glass with customized graphics, starting from a “draft” or an idea. We will ‘create’ your glass starting from a preliminary project that will then be developed and transformed into a finished product .


In the Home

Faber Vetreria has been in our homes for over 40 years. Glass components that decorate your home, giving it a unique and inimitable style. Faber Vetreria glass is not only beautiful, but functional as well, because it makes our everyday life easier.